Spring 2008 (Course No. 512EU8720 ) 
Robotics in Construction Automation

  Thursday 2:20pm - 5:20pm 土木318B  
  ShihChung Jessy Kang
sckang-at-caece-dot-net | Civil Engineering Building Room 314


  HungLin Chi
hlchi -at- caece-dot-net | Civil Engineering Building Room 314

WeiHang Hung
magic -at- caece-dot-net


Course Goal

This course is designed specifically for graduate students and senior undergraduate students who are interested in robotics technologies but have little background in either software engineering or robotic controls. This course has two major teaching objective. The first objective is to help students understand latest development of robotics in construction automation. Students need to study and share their ideas on the assigned materials (most of them are recent journal papers regarding construction automation), in which many robot applications are presented. The second objective is to help students gain the hands-on experience in robot controls. Students will learn robotic software development by writing codes in Microsoft Robotic Studio (MSRS), and the hardware development by customizing a robot using Lego NXT module. Multiple programming projects and an open-oriented term project will be assigned to help students learn the skills required in the robot development.


Feb 21

  Welcome to the class.
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Mar 06
  Assignment 2 and Project 1 has been announced.

Mar 10

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Mar 13

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Mar 20

  Assignment 4 and Project 2 has been announced.

Mar 27

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Apr 03

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May 01

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May 22

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Topic Coursework Due Reading Due
Feb 21
Course Overview (slides)    

Feb 28

No Class    
Mar 06
Presentation: Designing for automated construction
Introduction of Microsoft Robotics Studio (slides)
Lab: Visual Programming Language (VPL) Basic (1/2) (slides)
Assignment 1 Howe (2000)
Mar 13
Presentation: Automated jobsite monitoring
Lab: Visual Programming Language (VPL) Basic (2/2) (slides)
Assignment 2 Sacks et. al. (2005)
Mar 20
Presentation: Intelligent utility locating
Lab: Microsoft Robotics Studio Simulation Environment (slides)
Assignment 3
Project 1
Kolera and Bernold (2006)
Mar 27
Presentation: Tracking material
Lab: Using MSRS to Control LEGO Robot (slides)
Assignment 4 Song et. al. (2006)

Apr 03

Presentation: Path-planning for landfill operations
Lab: Motion Planning (1/3) (slides)
Assignment 5
Tserng et. al. (2000)
Apr 10
Presentation: Path-planning for earthwork operations
Lab: Motion Planning (2/3) (slides)
Assignment 6 Kim et. al. (2003), Lee (2003)
Apr 17
Presentation: Planning for crane erection
Lab: Motion Planning (3/3) (slides)
Assignment 7 Kang and Miranda (2006)
Apr 24
Midterm Project Presentation Midterm Project  
May 01
Presentation: Autonomous drilling robot
Lab: Robotic Vision (slides)
Assignment 8 Molfino et. al. (2006)
May 08
Presentation: Tele-robotic pipe installation
Lab: Manipulator (1/2) (slides)
Assignment 9 Bernold (2006)
May 15
Presentation: Tele-operated pipe laying
Lab: Manipulator (2/2) (slides)
Assignment 10 Lee et. al. (2003)
May 22
Presentation: Engineering, design and construction of lunar bases
Lab: Human Robot Interaction (slides)
Assignment 11
Project 3
Benaroya et. al. (2002)
May 29
Presentation: Automated construction of the paghuashan tunnel for Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) project
Guest Talk
  Lin et. al. (2005)
Jun 05
Final project milestone 1 Final Project (1/2)  
Jun 12
Final Project presentation Final Project (2/2)  


Students will be graded on assignments, projects, a presentation, a midterm project, and final project, weighted as follows:

  • In-class Reading Assignments (10 times) 20%
  • Presentation 10%
  • Projects (3 times) 30%
  • Midterm Project 15%
  • Final project 25%


Useful resources are listed as follows:


1.Does this course require strong programming background?
Students are NOT expected to have strong programming background since multiple comprehensible programming examples will be explained in the class. Students are expected to have basic concepts about programming language (c, c++, c# or Visual basic) and also have the ability to follow the programming examples and develop programming projects individually or with a team.

2.Who should take this course?
This course is designed for graduate students and senior undergraduate students who are interested in developing robots for construction purposes. There are little restrictions in the students' backgrounds as long as they can participate in class actives and fulfill all the course requirements.

3.What is the language policy in the class?
The official language of this class is English. However, students will NOT be graded by language ability as long as they can present the ideas clearly. All the written assignments, codes, slides, webpages, and other written materials have to be written in English. All the in-class presentations also need to present in English. Students are allowed to ask questions and exchange ideas partially in Chinese.

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